Frequently Asked Questions

If I bring my special item in for serviced wash before midday (so same day service is available), do I have to have same day service?
     No. You are still welcome to leave your washing for a normal 3-day service at the 3-day service price.
What sort of coins do I need to bring for the machines?
     All our machines are operated with special tokens which you purchase in order to do your washing and/or drying. Unused tokens may be returned for a refund of their purchase value.
If I don't use all the tokens I've paid for, can I return them for a refund?
Can I bring my own washing powder or liquid?
Can I buy washing powder at Sadie's so I don't have to bring my own?
     Yes. Sadie's does sell washing powder by the cup, sufficient for a normal wash.
If I leave my washing for a serviced wash, do I have to pay extra for laundry powder?
     No. The price of a Sadie's Service wash includes the use of our laundry powder.
If I leave my washing for a Sadie's Service wash , do I have to pay extra for fabric softener?
     Yes. Fabric softener will only be used and charged for if you request it.

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