Sadie's-Service Prices

For those who wish to leave their laundry to be processed by the competent, experienced staff at Sadie's.

Domestic-type Washing
NOTE: Prices are quoted by the 'load' as per a MAYTAG 6kg washing machine.
'Domestic washing' does not include special items such as bedspreads, duvets, bedcovers,
blankets, curtains, drapes, continental blankets, sleeping bags etc. See Special Items below for these prices.
* Wash, Dry and Fold First load $14.00, subsequent loads $11.00 each.
* Wash Only (by Sadie's) $5.50 per load.
* Dry Only (by Sadie's) Drying cost* plus $1.00 per load
*For Drying Cost, see Self Service Prices, or refer to Drying Costs at the bottom of this page
* Folding for Dry Only $1.15 per kg dry weight, $2.30 minimum.

Special Items Note: Prices are based on a Three-day turn around.
e.g. In Monday a.m., ready Wednesday p.m.; in Friday a.m., ready Sunday p.m.

'Same Day Service' available on most items if brought in by midday, an extra charge of $4.00 per item will apply. Single Double or
Bedspreads, Duvets, Continental Blankets (Dacron, Holofil and other fibre). 3-day service $12 $14 $18
Quilted Bedcovers with Valence 3-day service $16 $20 $22
Feather Duvets same-day service $16 $18 $22
Wool Underlay 3-day service only $14 $18 $22
Blankets - Wool 3-day service only $8 $15 $18
- 'Wool Like' (Acrylic) 3-day service $8 $15 $18
same-day service $12 $19 $22
- 'Mink' Single Thickness 3-day service $10 $15 $18
same-day service $14 $19 $22
- 'Mink' Double Thickness 3-day service $12 $18 $21
same-day service $16 $22 $25
Sleeping Bags - Fibre $11.00 (same day service $15.00)
- Feather / Down $18.00 (same day service only)
Sheepskins - Single $10.00 (3-day service only)
- Multiple Skins or Sewn $10.00 for the first skin + $6.00 each additional skin
Wool Floor Rugs - 'Flokati' (3-day service only) $9.00 per square metre, minimum charge $18.00
Curtains - Unlined $3.00 per square metre
- Lined $4.00 per square metre
- Velvet $4.00 per square metre

Drying Costs (As for Dry Only service above.)
* Large commercial dryer - every 8 minutes costs $2.00
A normal load takes about 30 minutes ($8.00) - this is an estimate, not a quote, as the drying time varies from material to material.
* Standard Maytag drier - every 10 minutes costs $1.00
A normal load takes about 60 minutes ($6.00) - this is an estimate, not a quote.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.
Prices valid as of July 2010. Prices subject to change without notice.